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Something that I will never grasp is the concept of casual dating. Time and time again I see people around me beginning relationships, and each time I see them hurt at the end. Ladies, we must stop allowing men, who or may or may not be there for us the next day, control so much of our hearts.

Now, I realize this is quite simple to type out, but much more difficult to do so. However, if we take a step back and examine our hearts, it may not be so hard after all.

The thing that I don’t understand about dating, is the purpose. Why do we devote so much time for someone, who the majority of the time, we would not consider marrying. Dating is simply a quick fix for loneliness and a selfish attempt to fill that void in our hearts. Well, guess what ladies, that void is not fulfilled by a man, it is fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

So many times we begin to like a guy if he shows us the slightest bit of attention. We begin to change ourselves to what he views as the perfect girl. And before we figure out what is happening, we end up hurt. Why do we invest so much time into boys? I say “boys” because if they were men, they would never lead you on to begin with. Ladies, we need an intervention. We need to get our hearts and minds right with our savior, Jesus Christ. Just a word of advice, if you think a boy can fill the void in your heart, he certainly cannot. That void is in the shape of Jesus. He is the only one that can fill it.

Psalm 139:14 states that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. What would ever possess us to settle for anything less than God’s best for us? Simple. The enemy constantly tells us lies that we are not good enough, and he will try everything to keep us from receiving God’s best for us. Although these lies are the complete opposite of what Jesus thinks, we still tend to believe them. But, we must stop doing this, ladies!

When we begin to think that we are not good enough for God’s best, we must focus our eyes back on Jesus, Who will never steer us wrong. Let God make a man out of him before you make a husband out of him. I’m not saying go to church and start dating the first cute boy that you see. Just because he’s there, doesn’t mean that he has a relationship with God. By waiting for God’s best, it will get lonely. But, view this time of waiting as a blessing. Focus on building your relationship with God and becoming closer to Him. The time of waiting may be difficult, but trust me ladies, it will be worth wait.

’til next time,